Our Tech-stack

We use various technologies, open-source frameworks, libraries and tools to do all kind of amazing stuff. Some of these are :


Open source library for various differentiable tasks, by Google. We use it to build our ML models.


Keras is super cool, open-source library for AI. This is what powers most of our neural networks.


The industry standard and highly, highly secure server. It mostly serves as a reverse proxy for various other services running behind it.


The highly efficient and well supported game engine to design basic games.


An opensource game engine we use, mostly along with Unity, to design some specific parts of the games.


Docker is a containerization application. We use it to build highly scalable, micro-service based systems


Open-source container orchestration system. We use it to manage all our docker containers. Internally, we call it 'THE MANAGER'


JS library developed by facebook for frontend development. We often use it for websites that require complex state management.


An elegant javascript framework used by our team for quick development of wesbites with 1-5 pages.


GNU's free (as in free speech) build tool. We use it to automate building, testing and deploying all of our systems.


NoSQL database. We use it as the primary database because of its high scalability and flexibility

The Flutter SDK

Flutter SDK is among the bleeding edge technologies and we use it as the rendering and widgets framework for our mobile applications.

Dart programming language

Dart language is used to develop the cross-compilable and multi-platform core of our applications. Dart, along with Flutter SDK form the basic support for our applications.


We use it for many, many tasks including scripting boring work, scrapping, and of course, to build the AI system.


Highly flexible language to build efficient and scalable systems. We use NodeJs to create our REST APIs


All of our APIs are based on the Representational State Transfer system architecture style.


We use Theano within our ML models for few things here and there


One of the most efficient languages. We use C++ to write systems that need to be highly efficient and optimized.


A multi-paradigm, general purpose language developed by Apple. We use it with the Cocoa Touch framework.

Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka provides high-throughput handling of real-time data. We use it as the input point of most of our data-streams which are then directed to the servers


Super powerful & super useful distributed version controlling system. We really can't imagine a single day without it.


Framework we use to create our test-doubles, for Java code testing. It's an essential tool for our 'Behavior drive design' discipline


One of the various language we use to build responsive client applications


NodeJs Framework we use to create our test-doubles, for NodeJs code testing. It's an essential tool to help us follow our 'Behavior drive design' discipline


Lucene based search engine. Yes, we use it for search.


The cloud platform that we believe on, to train our AI algorithms.


Our cloud computing platform of choice.

Android Studio

The de-facto platform/IDE to build and test Android applications.


The de-facto platform/IDE to build and test iOS applications.


Our language of choice to build desktop client systems.